Leonor Perestrelo is a 23 year old portuguese jewellery designer. Born and raised in Lisbon, her interest for jewellery began as early as she pierced her ears at the age of 5. For her, anything related to arts and esthetics always came out naturally.   

She attended the secondary school of António Arroio, specializing in silversmiths, where she challenged her creativity and developed concepts and ideas on a daily basis.   

When she turned 18, she took Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. She learned how to work with clay, ceramics, plaster and to explore alternative materials such as plastic. However, the course was not what she expected, so she decided to change paths. The course of high jewellery and jewellery design in Centro de Joalharia of Lisbon was her first step towards what would turn out to be her passion.  

In a four-year period, Leonor had the opportunity to learn and explore a variety of techniques, such as filigree, wax carving, building mechanisms, crystal resin, among others.   

Leonor Perestrelo's pieces are mainly made through sculpting methods, often resulting in organic forms and shapes. However, her inspiration goes beyond these crazy textures, she finds it important to explore significant issues and to compel people to reflect on them. That is why she uses her jewellery as a statement.